Astrofina Group provides full or part time professional practice for all qualified students in all professional companies of the Group. The professional internship is a real contribution we provide for education and counseling of the future specialists and professionals

Thus we perform one of the missions that we have set to ourselves,to contribute to the community. Our corporate social responsibility and contribution towards the community and society is a mission we take very seriously.

We are the place where young people can watch how the received knowledge from the university studies is applied. Access to professional internship is offered only to those students who show they have the desire and commitment to benefit from the staffs’ experience of the companies of Astrofina Group. During the internship, the students will be acquainted closely with all the “gears “that enable the operation of a business. This is an opportunity for the students to work on the projects of Astrofina Group with some of the best professionals in the respective areas of the country.

After each cycle of professional internship Astrofina Group provides appropriate evaluations for each student being accompanied by recommendations that can serve for the future. We also use professional internship to recruit new employees for our companies. Many of our employees have joined our Group exactly from internships, showing dedication during completing tasks assigned at the time of professional internship.