Why I choose to be employee of Astrofina Group?

Attention - We take care : We treat our employees with respect, honesty and justice. We appreciate their opinions and involve employees in decision-making. Through numerous practices, we encourage the expression of different viewpoints, recognize and promote high performance. Confidence in our employees, knowledge of opinions, merits and their contribution, motivates our employees and help them in the way of promotion and success.

Power for the future : Astrofina Group is always looking for qualified people to be part of the staff and to work for future projects. To take part in the projects which will mould the future of Astrofina Group, we require energetic people who should be invested with their knowledge, capacities and creativity to undertake new initiatives

Work and family: For Group Astrofina family is very important. Our employees have the option of getting a balanced ratio between work and private life

Representatives of employees: Representatives of employees Astrofina Group is very careful about what employees think. For this reason we continuously organize meetings with their representatives. Employees have the freedom to express without hesitation their mind about the working process and for every concern Human Resources Departments offer the most optimal solution

Trainings - Training and our employees’ professional development are the focus of Human Resources Management. With the purpose for a continuous investment in your professional development, Astrofina Group undertakes every year different trainings to improve your professional skills. Also, the IT Department offers training packages regarding the usage of information systems and software applications.

Promotions - Investments in our employees professional development has made possible that their promotion to be a continuous practice in Astrofina Group’s companies. As a Astrofina Group employee, you will have the possibility to grow in your career and to evolve professionally thus giving your continuous contribution towards the Group’s further progress

Professional Development & Experience Sharing: Astrofina Group is invested in the professional training and development. Professional agencies are hired to offer their services in technical-professional training or in leadership, managerial qualities, specific fields, etc., developing further the CSR processes as part of these trainings. For all employees that are devoted at work, are high performers and demonstrate quality and potential for development, we offer concrete plans enabling their guidance towards achieving objectives. This process takes place in a diversified environment which can be the classroom, or on the job training. At the same time during such processes you have the possibility of interacting and sharing experiences, giving and taking ideas, offering solutions etc,.